DV7 MANAGEMENT is a premium consulting agency, focused on worldwide sports and entertainment, created exclusively to satisfy the best athletes and organizations in the world.
The youthfulness but experience of our team, linked with the management of big sports entertainment assets makes DV7 Management a safe choice for those who want to be different.


DV7 Management offer athletes a complete service when managing their careers. Identifying opportunities and generating added value. DV7 Management counts with first level professionals, with experience in the elite of the sports industry connected with the biggest organizations and clubs, helping and guiding the athletes in their choices to build a solid and successful career. Mind Training and support with injury preventions are included in our Career Management Program.
VII SPORTS performs consultancy work to identify investments in sports properties, with the utmost rigor and objectivity, analyzing and accompanying the investor groups in their approach and acquisition process.
DV7 Management has the best professional team and the best public relations to manage social media, press conferences, event organizations and guidance for athletes, institutions and investment groups.
DV7 Management commercializes and monetizes the brands inside the sports industry, through choices and connections between the best assets and the best brands. Inside our fundamental principles, we always choose the best option for the professional’s reputation.